About Us

Atria Idzign is an established interior design firm with the objective of providing discerning clients with premium quality original interior designs. Since then, we have successfully completed many projects spanning both the residential and commercial sectors.

Our strengths are based on the client and us coming together to create a unique interior space and helping the client to transform its vision into reality through our evaluation of its design requirements.

Ultimately, we aspire to establish a functional and aesthetically attractive space that relates to the client’s lifestyle, business and image.

Getting it Done Right
We have established the following methodology to ensure that we deliver high quality designs that are executed to the satisfaction of our clients:

  • Understand our clients’ needs, preferences, lifestyle, safety requirements and budget.
  • Conceptualise a design based on our findings.
  • Prepare drawings and work specifications.
  • Co-ordinate every project component until completion.
  • Throughout the process, we maintain regular two-way communication with our clients and respond to their feedback to ensure that the executed designs are what they have in mind.

Your Personal Statement
The interior space is a medium for you to convey to the observer your life and lifestyle through the strategic use of the elements.